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Virtual Shopping

Virtual Retail

with real life VR


Capture a retail space and turn it into a virtual shop where you can sell your products to online visitors. It's accessible via desktop, mobile and headset. Offering an enjoyable browsing alternative which expands the value of your existing e-commerce.


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Any space can be an online store


Any space where your products are on display can become an online shopping experience. Whether it is a shop or a home. We capture the space and highlight your products in context. Providing live links so customers can get info or just go ahead and buy.

Web shopping => fun.

Retail therapy to gamification.


The psychology of retail design is long established. Going shopping is often a pleasure but online it's usually a task. Virtual shopping is about inspiration, to enjoy the shop as a curated experience or a brand adventure.

Girls with Shopping Bags
Pet Store Payment

The return of impulse buying

Online is about narrowing down the options, classifying and filtering until you find what you were searching for. VR shopping brings back browsing. It's much more subtle but more powerful. When the retail space does it's job well, you leave the shop with more than you came in for

A shop that's always open


The problem with shops is they are public. It's too busy when you're free or it's too far away, you can't park or they have sold out of what you want.

Whether you want to know it's worth the trip or avoid the journey altogether virtual retail complements the store and encourages sales.

Image by Tim Mossholder
Christmas Decorations

All the products at any time


You might have too many products to put on the front-page of your webshop. Your showroom might be to small to show your complete stock. You can show more products at once in a VR shop and you can capture your store in different seasons. No product need be left out.

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