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----------- Spaces and Places to Share -----------

In touch with reality


Our USP is to bring real spaces online but reality can be improved. We can explore your ideas by adding computer generated objects or adjusting photographed elements.

  • Decorate a real room with CG furniture.

  • Visit a production line before it's built.

  • Be greeted by a virtual host.

More than just Looking


Your virtual space is not just a passive experience

  • Media points contain text, video or html

  • Live objects move when clicked

  • Screens come alive with live video conferencing

  • CGI elements create more than reality

  • Avatar hosts show you around

Space for Understanding


Objects and spaces are filled with knowledge. Exploring them teaches us valuable lessons. Look-insite brings real spaces online to provide all types of understanding and communication

Anywhere you can go


Gain access to uniques spaces that provide specialised knowledge. Perfect for learning about restricted locations inside, above or under complex or dangerous equipment. 

Wise after the event.


In 2020 we stepped in to rescue cancelled events. Now those conferences can exist not only in person but with a complementary online event. Attendance is up and access extended worldwide. This year's events is guaranteed, whatever happens.

  • Video streamed keynotes with live Q&A's

  • Integrated chat for attendees & exhibitors

  • Virtual exhibits.

  • Sneak peeks and revisits.