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360º Video


The combination of youTube and Facebook's promotion of 360º video and progress in camera technology has made now the time for 360º video marketing.

Businesses are recognising the special value of 360º video. Quick to produce and communicating more - it is less of a polished presentation as a virtual visit.


Trade shows


When a company builds a trade show booth it creates a 3D marketing tool. The scale of the investment is high and the lifespan of the space very short. We extend the marketing value of the stand and bring it to life with video and animation online. 

At the moment 360 videos of the stands are very popular. They capture the point of view of a visitor in a naturalistic way way.


Virtual Shopping


People often enter shops in the real world with no intention to buy and leave considerable poorer. Online stores are usually visited with something in mind. A game of top trumps over price and specification.

The design of the store and the visual connection of products to each other can be revalued online allowing a browsing experience. 




A Look.insite can be your presentation for a large contract or provide marketing material to a dealer. We help train salesmen or present a stylish digital catalogue with access to over 100 products in one click. 

If you sell direct we can integrate your e-commerce inside the 3D environment. Design customers no longer search - they browse. Your projects, showrooms and exhibitions have now become a valuable and long-lasting marketing resource. 




Look.insite has created a training tool for TÜV Süd Akademie at the Möbel Höffner storage facility in Munich. The tool helps train people responsible for safety in a storage area without the need for a group visit to the warehouse.

Instead we provide a teaching resource that can be demonstrated by trainers within the classroom but also visited by students in a Learning Management System.

We are currently building a new scenario to help train the inspectors of oil tanker lorries. We also plan one for lightning safety and hydrogen filling stations.


Computer Generated Spaces


While we make real life VR mainly from photography, our system can also be applied to computer generated imagery. Here are two examples of photorealistic and simplistic interactive CG scenes.




We have recently shot the operating heatre showroom of Brandon Medical in Leeds, UK.

The site showcases the different lighting modes possible as well as the range of interactive screens and moveable equipment.


We have also created a site for Schrack Seconet based on the trade show stand which features their nurse call system.


Luxury yachts


are just too valuable to be moored in floating showrooms, fitted out and waiting. International boat shows are annual events. Yacht builders need a cost effective way to communicate their quality and convince customers to make the trip see the real thing.  

Look.insite is much more than a virtual tour, it offers a way to bring all your video, photography and specifications into one experience. It also helps demonstrate the boat in action.




Insites is designed to capture and communicate the quality of a space. Here are some examples of designed spaces we have captured for their beauty alone

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