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Virtual Shopping

3D Interactive training


We turn a learning location into teaching material available as a group presentation or home study. Whether the place is dangerous, remote or expensive to access we can learn through a virtual visit.

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The perfect VR solution for group learning


Teaching a group is more efficient and often more effective. Trainers also want to use VR technology to replace older forms of instruction. Look creates VR training material that can be presented to a group or one on one - saving the expense of multiple headsets and the time to take turns.

Group of people with VR Headset

Headsets to handsets


A Look.insite is a headset, desktop and mobile experience. As good for the classroom as the airport lounge. It can be integrated in a learning management system, accessed online or carried on a usb stick. Simple to access and no need for extra kit.

Photo VR looks better and saves you money


VR is a very useful way to teach people what to do when they recognise issues within a space. They learn better when the space looks more real and less like a video game. Look builds VR from real spaces which is cheaper and more realistic.

Image by Ben Mullins

Record progress and provide assessments


A Look.insite can assess students progress by providing task based challenges with recorded behaviour or integrating LMS testing panels within the space.

Scale your service


Every business benefits from scalability. Your training material is not limited by hardware our location. It doesn't need specialist supervision. It can be shared with other training locations or provided directly to clients.

Image by Gayatri Malhotra

Any space is accessible

Some training locations are essential to see but hard to access. Group sizes are limited, time is short. Look needs just one visit to capture that spaces and make it available.

Use the training location as a virtual classroom


We present teaching material in the place where it is most relevant the place where it will be used later. Interactive text, image and video are all available well as interactive animation  - objects in the space show how they move and change.

Empty Classroom
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