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Look.insite capture headset-free VR for marketing, training and retail spaces - available on any device. Explore and interact with a photographic environment full of animation, video and live links.  Look creates 360° in 3D - a VR service for businesses in the real world.

Look.insite - video channel
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private view

Explore inspiring spaces and discover products, media and interactivity. Watch a video or take guided tour.

shop the room

E-Commerce in 3D.

Go shopping anywhere.

If you can see it 

you can buy it.

show motion

Demonstrate movement.

Spaces change and objects come to life in 3D. Take a guided tour and just stop to look around 

open plan

Explore computer generated spaces at photorealistic quality. For configurators or simply to replace expensive photography.

some of our clients
a few projects.
how does it work?

Shoot it.

Build it.

We develop your panoramic images

 and build them into a 3D space 

Link it.

We link things in the space to media, a URL or add video and animations

Post it.

Embed the 3D site on your homepage, post it on social media or any browser.

We take a series of 360° photographs  of your space and measure accurately

anything is possible - our features at a glance

Your products demonstrate their own motion or variations 

  • Click on an extending table and it expands. 

  • A modular sofa swaps through various arrangements.

  • A sliding door slips open to reveal the wardrobe within.


Click on an object to reveal a floating panel displaying a webpage, a pdf or a gallery of images.

  • a specification page with dimensions and drawings

  • An commerce page displaying price with variation and add to basket buttons


Your youTube or Vimeo links play in any screen with sound and control


  • Sit in a sofa and look up to the flat screen TV to find out how the seat was made.

  • A video wall on a trade show booth contains the same video content online as on-site


Show your clients alternative variations or contexts at the touch of a finger. 

  • Have does the light fill this room in winter?

  • What would it be like in leather? 

  • How would the 3m x 6m rug look in my living room?

The possibilities are endless.....


By combining 3D models with the virtual. environment we can visualise new concepts.


Our unique online previews can be rendered quickly in 3D and visited by any client in a low cost and intuitive way, in the office or on the road.